Bounce Back Sunday

For all the water I drank last night I still woke up feeling sluggish. Ugh.. it just reminded me of why I don’t drink. But there’s no use dwelling on it. I did it. It’s over. Now chug some water and get on with the day! Nothing helps me bounce back like a big bowl of oatmeal. I know it looks watery.. it is. :) I got carried away. But basically 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1T SF vanilla creamer, scoop vanilla yogurt, and mixed berries. Yum. I brewed french press too. I just love spoiling myself on a Sunday morning!

So I poked around the house this morning, got a lot studying done. I’m also working on putting my portfolio together for when I start applying to dietetic internship. Fun, fun, fun!! I finally talked myself into going out for a run around 1:00. It was hard. I really didn’t feel like running today. I kept playing in my mind which route I wanted to take. Should I run by the waterfront, the ship canal, a trail run, through the neighborhood. None of them sounded appealing. The weather was even perfect. I took yesterday off from running so I should have had plenty of energy. It didn’t matter though. I was just in a funk today. So I did a 5 mile loop through the neighborhood. I overdressed with the under armour. It was 50 degrees. I took my gloves and hat off half way down the block. My body was really fatigued. Maybe the fatigue was partly from the squats and lunges I did on Friday, but I’m pretty sure most of it had a lot to do with yesterday’s craziness. So I got through it. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is going to be awesome! I am going to eat clean, no junk, and when class gets out at 12:20 I’m going to run like the wind.

I mostly nibbled throughout the day; two hard boiled eggwhites, a Honeycrisp apple with almond butter, cheese stick, a piece of plain whole-wheat toast. I roasted some acorn squash for an afternoon snack/meal. Then I got into the pantry and had a handful of almonds and dark chocolate chips. Dinner was a bowl of yogurt and berries (kinda like breakfast!) Aah.. again, tomorrow there will be a little more normalcy to my day. Now I’m heading downstairs to join the girls. Sara bought enough movies to keep us home for a while: He’s Just Not That Into You, P.S. I Love You, and The Holiday. All three are great movies. He’s Just Not That Into You is one of my top 5 though. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Things to ponder:
How do you bounce back from an off day?
What motivates you when you just don’t want to run?


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2 responses to “Bounce Back Sunday

  1. Leah

    WHOA!! You changed it!! Looks really good!

    When I dont want to run I just force myself. I dont know if I’d call it motivation, maybe obligation, but I have to walk the dog EITHER way. So nomatter how I feel about it I know Im going out anyhow, why not turn it into a run?

    • So I need a dog? :) That sounds like a good way to stay committed. I do the same thing sometimes where I trick myself into going for a “walk” which turns into a run.
      Yeah I changed up the background. I learn something new everytime I play around on wordpress.. like I now have a blogroll too. Yayy me!

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